36 hrs/wk Radiology

Job Summary:

To support the Department of Radiology within various aspects of the department so that staff is able to complete essential services in a timely fashion.

Job Requirements:

Stocks inventory (medical supplies and other supplies) and linens in modalities
Transports patients to and from the nursing floors
Assists with answering phones
Assist with greeting patients and directing them to the proper reception/waiting areas
Assist in burning CD's for Health Information Services
Assist staff in cleaning and disinfecting equipment
Assist staff in preparing rooms and supplies for patient exams
Assist with exporting images through PACs to other facilities
Supervises patients in Nuclear Medicine when the technologist steps away
Demonstrates outstanding professional behaviors
Assists with reminder phone calls
Assist with clinical data entry, faxing and copying
Perform other work-related duties as assigned
Other Duties:

Complies with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.